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PACFA Public Policy Statement

The mission of the Pennsylvania Community Foundation Association (PACFA) is to help our members connect, learn and where appropriate, act collectively.  Our theory of change around collective action focuses on members willing to lead Action Teams around subject matters of interest.  

Recent examples include members interested in proposed legislation to address scholarship displacement and advocacy to raise the cap on the realty transfer tax so that more governmental dollars can be allocated to low-income housing. 

PACFA, itself, does not intend to pursue a collective legislative or public policy agenda.  We envision supporting multiple groups of individual community foundations as they partner and build coalitions to topic specific issues, as selected by the members.  

PACFA does reserve the right to pursue a collective legislative or public policy agenda should issues arise that impact the ability of community foundations to operate efficiently and effectively.  Any Action Team(s) related to these topics will only be established after review by PACFA board and upon approval of at least two thirds of membership.  

Members with interest in leading an Action Team should contact PACFA president, Michael Batchelor.  PACFA will then assist with webinars, connections, and other supportive services.  Learning Labs may be scheduled to help members understand the issue, share resources and to identify potential Action Team leaders.  The PACFA Executive Committee will review any requests deemed controversial. 

Approved by PACFA Board of Directors on June 9, 2022.

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