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Marketing & Outreach Resources

Preparing for a Milestone

Resources from the Philadelphia Foundation

Access the Philadelphia Foundation's centennial marketing toolkit for a seamless milestone celebration. Review their brand essence video, sponsorship packet, and dynamic social media visuals to help amplify your foundation's narrative and commemorate its legacy.

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Annual Reports

Explore the wealth of community impact and philanthropic initiatives through various annual reports. These comprehensive resources offer a compelling narrative of foundation achievements, showcasing commitment to fostering positive change and enhancing the well-being of the local community.


Discover effective strategies to connect with your audience and build meaningful relationships through the impactful medium of newsletters. Whether they are digital or print, newsletters can be innovative in updating donors, supporters, and the community.


Outreach Initiatives

Explore a curated collection of impactful outreach projects from foundations, offering insights and inspiration to drive positive change in Pennsylvania communities. Uncover innovative approaches, successful models, and valuable resources that empower organizations to extend their reach and make a lasting difference.

Target Market Publications

Target Market Publications are specialized materials designed to resonate with and engage specific audience segments. These publications play a crucial role for community foundations by facilitating precise communication strategies, ensuring that information is tailored to effectively connect with distinct target markets. 

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Want to Contribute?

PACFA Members are encouraged to share resources with fellow community foundation members. 

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