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The Impact of Giving Days 

PACFA members, including the Erie Community Foundation and Adams County Community Foundation, take center stage as exemplars of effective philanthropic leadership. The national report showcases how these community foundations, through their hosting of single-day giving events, serve as pivotal agents in bolstering nonprofit capacity and driving positive change within their respective regions. 

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Overview of PA Community Foundations

Explore the following reports, completed by CFRTI for PACFA, revealing insights into all 42 community foundations. 

2023 Community Foundation Survey Results Webinar

The 2023 FEG Community Foundation Survey reveals key trends such as the shift towards the OCIO advisory model, the growing focus on diverse asset management, and consistent support for Responsive Investing. This information can assist community foundations in adapting to changes and improving their operational effectiveness.

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Transfer of Wealth in Pennsylvania

This report on the Transfer of Wealth in Pennsylvania provides a comprehensive analysis of the wealth transfer potential over the next decades. It highlights a significant opportunity for community foundations to enhance their impact by capturing a portion of this wealth transfer, which could significantly boost their resources and support community-oriented initiatives.

Want to Contribute?

PACFA Members are encouraged to share resources with fellow community foundation members. 

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