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Let's Act Together

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Exactly how Pennsylvania Community Foundations will “act together” will be determined by our members.  Recently, many PACFA members advocated for PA Senate Bill 594; the Nonprofit Economic Emergency Delivery System (NEEDS) Grants Program.  Many have also expressed interest in topics such as food insecurity; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; rural economic development and donor advised fund reform proposals.

Community foundations recruit, orient and train new staff.  Many hope to partner with national funding sources.  These, and other ideas you may have, are all possible ways PACFA members can act together to magnify our impact on our communities and on our Commonwealth. Connect with Mike here to brainstorm!

Join the Affordable Housing Working Group

Led by Phil Koch, Vice President of Policy and Community Impact with The Pittsburgh Foundation

Join the Scholarship Displacement Working Group

Led by Ralph Serpe, President & CEO with Adams County Community Foundation

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